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From Banks to Horseracing

In 1982 Associated Premium Corporation was founded to serve the banking and savings & loan industry as a supplier of premium and incentive merchandise for their customers. Almost immediately it became clear to APC that providing imprinted promotional merchandise to our financial industry clients would be a natural addition to our business and a strong benefit for them. The promotional advertising part of APC has steadily grown. We have attracted some of the most experienced and talented professionals in the promotional products/specialty advertising industry. These people are far more than simply sales representatives of APC. Each one is an experienced creative idea-focused consultant, ready to design total promotional programs for your business.

By 1984 APC was also active in sports marketing. We are now recognized as one of the top sports marketing companies in the country. We provide promotional concepts and merchandise for many Major League and Minor League professional sports teams including MLB, NFL, AFL, NBA, NHL, and others. The expertise in offshore manufacturing and direct importing we have developed for our sports clients, now provides ever-increasing value for our corporate clients. The discipline of "on time every time" necessary to succeed in sports-event promotions carries through to all our work.

The premium and incentive portion of our business has also continued to grow. Helping businesses motivate and reward their employees for achievement and their customers for loyalty is the foundation that Associated Premium Corporation is built upon. We now provide premium and incentive merchandise to a wide range of clients from a diverse group of the world's finest brands. Ashworth, Perry Ellis, Sony, Waterman, Panasonic, Waterford, Howard Miller, Wilson Sports, IBM, Bulova, Braun, Canon, Hartmann, Seiko, Philips, Buck Knives, Weber, Minolta and hundreds of other name brand products are available from APC.

Today, APC is a national company in the top 2% of the promotional products industry. Our team of representative/consultants is growing. We are at the forefront of the electronic revolution, able to provide customized on-line services to our clients. From the electronic transfer of art to fully interactive corporate identity electronic catalogs, APC is ready now with the technology you need.

Randy J. Ficke

By using creative, well-designed promotional strategies backed by our extremely strong capabilities, APC will deliver to you high value marketing at surprisingly reasonable cost. From simple one time promotional handouts to cutting edge Internet based corporate catalog programs, APC has the skills and knowledge to insure effective promotions for your business.

I want to thank you for your interest in APC and for taking the time to review this information. The entire APC team is looking forward to working with you.

The basic concept of promotional advertising, that advertising and marketing messages be delivered directly to the best prospects with no waste, is very appealing to me. Through the efforts of the APC team this concept is now improving the profits and businesses of our clients. It is gratifying to do work that accomplishes the specific goals set by our clients. The fact that more than 70% of the business APC handles is repeat business with established clients, is testament to the success of the work we do.

I sincerely hope that this "snapshot" of APC was interesting to you. Our desire is to simply let you know that we are a modern and very creative company with many great ideas just waiting to bring profits to your business. If you are unsure about what types of projects APC handles, just give us a call.